August 22, 2017

Biloxi Fishing Is On Fire! Come Join The Fun Aboard Team Brodie Charters off Biloxi, Mississippi’s Beautiful Coastline! Remember Biloxi Is Rich In History! Offering Amazing Food, World Class Casino Resorts & Entertainment, And the Fish…Oh The Fish!

Talk about a great day on the water! Started out the morning catching Spanish mackerel by casting small Clark Spoons into huge schools as far as the eye could see at times. The bite was fast and furious, and many hits came right at boatside. Awesome sight and great fun! Next we found the big jack crevalles and bull redfish ripping through schools of mullet and pogies, and we fed them big live pogies I caught on the way to the fishing grounds. Needless to say the action was fast and furious! Robert, Kristin, and Annika got sore arms quickly battling these powerful fish. Released the jacks, and kept a few reds for a fish fry. Funny thing was we weren’t far out, but simply right off Biloxi, Mississippi’s front beach. Even stopped by a reef on the way home and added 35 nice white trout to the mix. Now is the time to hop aboard Team Brodie Charters my friends the bite is on and getting better!  To view many more pics, reviews, and reports click on the Team Brodie Charters Facebook button! 

Captain Brodie

Captain Robert Brodie has been fishing the MS Gulf Coast for the better part of 50 years and knows where to find fish. He runs Team Brodie Charters and enjoys being on the boat every day with his customers as well as showing others tips and tricks for catching more fish.

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