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Biloxi Fishing Charters

We fish the Biloxi Bay, Biloxi Gulf area, and the Barrier Islands. Captain Brodie has been fishing the Biloxi waterways for more than 50 years and knows how to find 'em and how to catch 'em.

Fishing the Biloxi area requires more than just finding fish. You have to know where to find them, when to find them, and what the best way to catch them is on any given day. And that is where we differ from other Biloxi fishing charter companies.

The Best Fishing & Hunting Guide in Biloxi

Inshore/Biloxi Bay

Fishing in the Biloxi Bay gives a great variety of fish species and the added benefit of protected waters with lots of hiding spots.

Barrier Islands

If you can handle being on the boat a little longer, the ride out to the islands is a great one and the fish...oh, the fish!

Go Anywhere

Using a low-draft boat, we are able to get into some of the best fishing spots - spots other captains only wish they could.

Duck Hunting

We have the blinds and the perfect setup for you to limit out. Don't leave it to chance. Take our guided hunt!

What to Bring!

  • Hat or Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks/Lunch
  • Favorite Drinks (we have water)
  • Camera
  • No Glass Bottles
  • No Firearms
  • No Illegal Substances
or CALL : 228-697-7707

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Guided Fishing Trips Catch Fish

Biloxi is a hot spot for fishing. Some days, you can go to any pier and catch fish. Other days, you have to know where to find them. After fishing these waters for 50 years, Captain Brodie knows where to find them. Book a trip with us and you can have pictures like these to show your friends!

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Not only does Captain Brodie provide the best guided fishing and hunting trips in Biloxi, he also helps anglers become better. He shows his customers how to get the most out of their fishing trips and has recently started an email subscription with videos to give tips and tricks on how to find and catch better fish. 

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