Juli Lynch reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
July 2, 2015 · We had an amazing day with Captain Brodie! I couldn’t have asked for a better Captain and my family made memories that will last a lifetime. We are already planning our next trip! It was that GREAT!!!!

Ryan Ball reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
June 7, 2015 · Captain Brodie put us in the right spots to catch the fish. A laid back experienced fisherman who will take care of any special requests or circumstances you have for him while you’re on his boat!

Nolan Tubb reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
June 3, 2015 · It’s not fishing, it’s catching! Very professional and great fun! Will be back!

Diane Galeener reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
May 10, 2015 · Brodie gave 110% all day long– We were fishing hard , all day long– and we caught fish –if you are looking for a guide, look no further. plus—McElroys had great shrimp and grits for breakfast. Brodie is a hard working family man — we are going fishing with Robert again.

Kelly Liliana Andrews reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
April 26, 2015 · Captain “saltwater pimp” is the best! He knows what he’s doing and strives to make the trip very enjoyable! Highly recommended!

Michelle Enloe reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
April 8, 2015 · We had an awesome day with Captain Brodie. He knows where the fish are will be taking this trip again.

Jimmy Childres reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
February 7, 2015 · My buddy and I have fished with Brodie for several years and have always caught fish. When you fish with Brodie, you don’t need luck.

Mariesa Rowell Severson reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
February 5, 2015 · There is no Captain in Biloxi / Gulfport who knows how to find the FISH and navigate the Bay better than ROBERT BRODIE! He gives 150% to his clients to be sure he gives them the “Best Fishing Trip of their Life!”  At least it was for us! Thanks Captain Brodie! You are a true professional! We’ll be back for MORE!

Robley Langlinais reviewed Biloxi Charter Boat Fishing With Capt. Robert L. Brodie — 5 star
February 5, 2015 · If there are fish out there Captain Robert Brodie will find the fish!

Gary Goodson reviewed Team Brodie Charters — 5 star
April 17, 2015 · Brodie was very patient with this rookie! I highly recommend Team Brodie Charters if you are in Biloxi to fish.

Colin Coons reviewed Team Brodie Charters — 5 star
July 14, 2015 · We had a great time with Team Brodie charters. None of us were experienced fisherman, but that didn’t matter, as Captain Brodie was quickly able to show us the ropes. We caught over fifty fish in our first hour! Capt. Brodie also cleaned and packed the fish for us after the trip! I’d highly recommend Team Brodie Charters for both skilled and novice fisherman alike, it was a lot of fun!

Anthony Dunne reviewed Team Brodie Charters — 5 star
May 16, 2015 · I have been on several trips with Capt. Brodie and have always had a great time. He is very good at what he does and I look forward to many more trips in the future.

Marcia Miller Pedriana – Dan has fished all over the world and said it was the best guide service he ever experienced. Robert was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic. He looks forward to his next trip to Biloxi to go fishing with Robert again!

Captain Brodie,
I wanted to let you know what a great time my wife and I had fishing with you again last Saturday, October 3rd.
We had another great catch thanks to your expertise. I was a little concerned when the weather changed so fast
on Friday that fishing might be tough in the wind and cool weather but you came through once again! I’ve had similar circumstances before and some fishing guides would have started making excuses before they left the dock about how not to be expecting a big catch today due to the weather.  Not you though, you never once gave us any doubt that we were going to have anything other than a good day.  Sure some days are better than others but a true professional shines through when the going gets tough. My wife and I didn’t travel 600 miles to worry about a comfortable boat ride, we came to fish and we only had the one day to do it. You can count on us making at least two trips a year from now on, one in the late Spring or early Summer and one in the Fall and more if we can. Thanks Again!, for a memorable fishing trip.Tight Lines, Robert Watson
Central Florida

FACEBOOK TESTIMONIAL – Robert Gibson – Once again, Captain Robert L. Brodie proved to be the best guide in the business. He has never failed to get us on fish no matter the conditions. Today was no different and we all caught good numbers of fish while having the time of our live. Biloxi, MS has much to offer in the way of entertainment, but nothing matches a fishing trip with Team Brodie! Thanks Captain for another great day!

Captain Brodie,
You can tell by the smile on our faces the great time my boys and I had today. Every time we go on a CATCHING CHARTER with you, Aaron, Matthew and I go home with great stories to talk about. What a variety of fish we caught today! Thank you again for another AWSOME fish catching adventure. Aaron, Matthew, and Mike Grosman.

TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS FACEBOOK REVIEW – 5 STAR – Such an awesome experience with Captain Brodie today. In about an hour we caught 54 fish, a shark, and several poisonous catfish. We sent the shark and catfish back out, of course. As the day progressed we caught several size-able redfish and flounder! Captain Brodie was amazing, knowledgeable, and good spirited. He was impressively skilled at cleaning and filleting our catch. We will absolutely be setting sail again! – Gina Govojdean

Capt. Robert L. Brodie thanks for a great trip. It’s a pleasure to be out there you are the man!!! Truly a lifetime experience. It was Dr. Seuss day Red Fish, Blue Fish…..Speckled trout, White trout, Flounder and a few ground mullet. Again many Thanks! – Thomas Miller

Facebook Feedback From Johnny Wink (www.johnnywinks.com) Of Megabucks Louisiana Guides… Went fishing today with Captain Brodie and we all had a super great time. Robert worked real hard keeping the poles baited up and taking the fish off, and we just got finished eating some of the fish. We grilled some and fried some. Wonderful time if you want to catch fish with a real guide Captain Brodie is the man to go with we will be back get fired up!

Captain Brodie,
I just wanted to get back with you and let you know what a great time my wife and I had last week fishing with you in Biloxi Bay.  I’ve fished all over Florida’s Everglades, Keys, Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast and I must say I don’t think we’ve ever had a trip as much fun and with such a great catch as we had with you last week.  It was apparent when we stepped on the boat that you were an extremely knowledgeable guide and were eager to show us a productive day.  I threw a fish fry with the Trout for my co-workers and you were absolutely right about the White Trout and Ground Mullet—Perfectly Delicious!   Also, I wanted to let you know that our cab driver got us to a store that sold plastic coolers and dry ice. Once we got back to the hotel I got with the maintenance guy and we drilled a small hole in the top of the cooler to vent it and satisfy the airlines. Long story short we made it back on the plane with all of our fish and brought every pound of them home without any problem.  One funny story though, when we got to the airport in Gulfport and I was checking my fish cooler in at the airline counter, the gentlemen that was working with me weighing the cooler and asking the questions as to contents, etc. said and I quote, “You must have gone out with Brodie”.  I can’t tell you his name but he knows of you and your reputation of catching fish! We’ll be seeing you again hopefully a little later this year. Good Job Captain!! Tight Lines, Robby & Sandi Watson
Central Florida

Cathy Purdon – We had a great time! Captain Brodie was more hospitable that we could ever have imagined. If you want to have a great time fishing choose Team Brodie Charters! The only disappointment of the day was that he didn’t have another day open this week so week could go again before we head home.